08 May

A Unique Way To Use Kurta Palazzo Set

You can straight out wear this outfit for a party or outing with friend. You can simply wear it straight from your closet and dress up your party attire. Its bold, colorful and trendy outfit can ma...

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07 May

Here's What No One Tells You About Multiple Slits Kurta

Glitz Colors offers a wide variety of printed kurtis for women. These kurtis can be bought online from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your office. You can view the fabrics in differ...

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05 May

How White Kurta Fits Into the Latest Trends

Just a few years ago we would see white kurtis coming up in mainstream fashion in a big way. Then there would be interesting variations. The modern look was the blend of heavy embroidery with cotto...

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04 May

The Craziest Advice About Straight Kurta You Could Ever Give

Kurti is an extremely popular style that is passed on through generations in India. This style makes a good excuse to wear your favorite solid colored cotton and drape your favorite fabrics in different ways.

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03 May

The Reason Why Everyone Love Full Length Kurta/Kurti

If you want something more comfortable and like cotton or cotton blends, just go ahead and buy kurta fabric that’s super cottony and keeps your body cozy and comfy.

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01 May

The Latest Trend In Rayon Long Kurti 2021

Rayon Long Kurti has fabric which has a body of a kurti, it looks straight and long.

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