21 May

Do you know Why Yellow Kurtas are Attractive?

Glitz Colors is a stylist online store to benefit all fashion lovers. With Glitz Colors, you get the perfect kurti or dress to flaunt your best assets and look great in this summer. Yellow is one o...

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15 May

Has Paisley Printed Kurta The Most Trending Thing Now?

“Paisley has been a popular motif in fashion for centuries,” Jeremy Langmead. It is a lasting most loved that never appears to become unpopular. Before it's utilization in home stylistic layout, pa...

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05 May

How White Kurta Fits Into the Latest Trends

Just a few years ago we would see white kurtis coming up in mainstream fashion in a big way. Then there would be interesting variations. The modern look was the blend of heavy embroidery with cotto...

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03 May

The Reason Why Everyone Love Full Length Kurta/Kurti

If you want something more comfortable and like cotton or cotton blends, just go ahead and buy kurta fabric that’s super cottony and keeps your body cozy and comfy.

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28 Apr

Things To Know About Glitz Colors Women's Kurtis & Kurtas

Glitz Colors has introduced mostly women's kurtas and kurtas, all made of rayon cotton by Glitz Colors, is creating much buzz in the Indian fashion world and on social media in the last couple of years.

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